Flipside Nutrition - Supporting women and families to create connection with food, their minds and their bodies.

Flipside Nutrition Principles

ND Affirming

All brains are welcome, and we practice from a strengths-based approach that celebrates neurodivergency.

Size Inclusive

We practice from a non-diet lens and reject the notion that weight is equal to health. We support all folks, and all bodies.

Trauma Informed

We recognise the significant impact that trauma has on your nervous system, digestion and capacity to feed yourself.

Flipside Nutrition Team

What clients are saying

Compassionate Support For Feeding and Eating Concerns

Autism, ADHD, OCD

Mental Health

Eating disorder support

Unmasking Eating Disorders

In a world where appearances are often given precedence over well-being, it’s essential to talk about eating disorders and common myths.

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ARFID is a feeding and eating disorder characterised by an extreme avoidance of foods. Often this is due to sensory aversions, little to no appetite, and a fear of vomiting or choking with certain goods. Treatment involves a multidisciplinary team approach.

Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is a condition that affects the way the brain processes and interprets information received from the senses.

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