We teach women and families how to eat according to their bodies, using evidence-based methods that remove the guilt and shame around eating. 

We promote health gain, rather than weight-loss, while helping you to break free from diet culture.

How Can We Help?

Our mission is to promote body trust and teach you the skills to move away from dieting. 

Individual consultations are a safe space to unpack pre-conceived ideas about food and nutrition, while receiving support to feed yourself or child in a responsive way. Available in person or telehealth.
Feeding children is hard work, I know. When you have a fussy eater it can sometimes feel as if you are failing. Fear not, you are not alone. There is help, and hope!
Madeleine has been featured in news articles and on radio to share her weight-neutral nutrition perspective and knowledge.
A group of women in a room with two sitting on stools at the front presenting.
Whether you come for the cheese and wine, good laughs, or sense of comraderie, you will walk away from this body positive workshop with a renewed sense of appreciation for your body.

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The Only Fussy Eating Guide You'll Ever Need

Ebook cover titled Top 10 Tips For Fussy Eating