Looking for other safe spaces? Listed below are trusted colleagues, and links to size inclusive resources to help support your eating journey.

Resources For Kids

Love Your Body – Jessica Sanders Body positive kids book

Embrace Your Body – Taryn Brumfitt & Dr Zali Yager Body positive kids book

All Bodies Are Good Bodies – Charlotte Barkla

Fussy Eating Kids Book Which Food Will You Choose – Claire Potter

It Starts With A Seed – Usborne

Where Does My Food Come From – Annabel Karmel Fussy eating book SENSE-ational Mealtimes

SENSE-ational Mealtimes – Gillian Griffiths & Dr Denise Stapleton

Helping Your Child With Extreme Picky Eating – Katja Rowell

The Embrace Hub – 2022 Australian of the Year recipiant Taryn Brumfitt’s website for all things body image.

Inside Out Institute – Body image in children

Butterfly Body Bright

Resources For Adults

The Body Is Not an Apology – Sonya Renee Taylor Body Diversity books.

Body positive and inclusive book

Embrace Kids – Taryn Brumfitt & Dr Zali Yager (For parents of childreen and teens).

Happy Fat  – Sofie Hagen

Body Kindness – Rebecca Scritchfield

Intuitive Eating BookHow To Raise An Intuitive Eater – Sumner Brooks & Amee Severson

Intuitive Eating, A Revolutionary Anti-Diet Approach – Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch

Anti Diet – Christy Harrison Anti diet book.

Just Eat It – Laura Thomas

Eat To Love – Jenna Hollenstein

Laura from Radical Creatures has the most amazing earrings, pins, stickers and light catchers. All Bodies Deserve Respect.

Sensory Tools

Kaiko Fidgets – Discreet and noiseless fidgest, Melbourne based, designed by Kai who is autistic and dyslexic.

Wobble cushion – Sensory Assist

Bento lunch boxes and accessories – Lunchbox Mini

Kid-safe knives, aprons, books and kitchen utensils – Foost

Trusted Health Professionals

The following are medical or allied health professionals that I have collaborated with, and trust their service. 

Bridgette Williams, Counsellor – Held Counselling

Alanah O’Reilly, Exercise Physiologist – Autonomy In Movement

Sally McWilliam, Personal Trainer – Fit With Sally

Megan Colville, Midwife & Lactation Consultant – True Natal

colorful letters on a surface

Amy Sigley, Neurodivergent Psychologist – Neurokin Psychology

Monique Mitchelson, Clinical Psychologist – The Neurodivergent Women Podcast


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