This Summer, forget about body transformations. Here’s why.

Happy new year! I realise I am a little late in getting to my first post of the year. This has been partially deliberate, and the other half just plain busy with my family and work. I wanted to personally welcome and new followers that have recently signed up to my blog. I am so glad you have taken the step towards discovering more about your health and hopefully you might learn a thing or two.

I have recently returned from maternity leave and am available for individual nutrition consultations on Monday afternoons at Morningside General Practice Clinic. This clinic is special to me in that I used to work there as Registered Nurse. It’s great to be returning as a Dietitian to offer evidence based nutrition advice to clients.


At this time of year we are bombarded with quick fix nutrition promises that all offer the illusion of a slimmer you, supposedly a better body and the ability to shred or transform in “x” number of weeks. There is a common theme here, praying on your weaknesses and creating a dissatisfaction with your body. These programs feed our obsession with diet culture and often don’t provide the psychological support that is needed when one is starts to change their health.

Is it any wonder negative body image is rife when we are consistently subjected to messages encouraging us to be thin, or that our body shape is not enough.

Instead of signing up to an eight week shred, I encourage you to adopt some self-love and simply start making some small changes. This might be making sure that you feed yourself breakfast before the kids so that you are well nourished for the day. Or you could try batch roasting vegetables on the weekend, making lunch preparation (and increasing vegetable intake) that much easier. Whatever you decide to do, know that you are enough and that you can take control of your health without submitting to yet another program with false hope. Most importantly, you will maintain a positive relationship with food, movement and health.

If you feel a little lost and need some healthy inspiration, I can offer sound strategies during an initial assessment. For more information on nutrition consultations click here.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to an exciting year ahead as I slowly ease back in to work and health blogging.

Madeleine (That Healthy Girl).

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