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I started That Healthy Girl as a blog before I began my studies in nutrition & dietetics.

In the beginning it was a personal page, sharing nutrition tips and answering food related myths.

It was a space for me to impart my growing knowledge on all the latest crazy diets.

flat lay nutrition photography of vegetable salad on plate
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When I finished studying Nutrition and Dietetics and started in private practice I worked under the name of That Healthy Girl. It’s been a great space, but the time has come to change.

2020 has certainly been a year of change. From bushfires, to a pandemic, somehow I have managed to not only survive, but thrive with thanks to all of my loyal clients.

It is such a privilege and an honour to be able to work with such wonderful people. My clients are some of my biggest teachers.

As I have evolved as a practitioner, so too has my messaging. I now have another Dietitian working with me, and I wanted the name to reflect a space that Joanna and I can be proud to promote to clients.

My wishes for Flipside Nutrition:

  • a safe space
  • a refuge from all of the misleading and hurtful dieting messages out there
  • compassionate, competent Dietitians providing individualised care
  • nutrition done different

If you are new to my page, welcome!

For those that have followed me across to the flipside, you are of course also welcome, and I thank your continued support.

Thanks for stopping by, Madeleine.


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