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Anti diet resources for your journey away from dieting

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Anti diet resources for Kids

Feeding kids doesn’t have to be a battle. Learn how to respond to your child without bribing and create a sense of calm at meal time with these resources.


Available for purchase via the Ellyn Satter website.

  • Secrets Of Feeding A Healthy Family
  • Child of Mine: Feeding with Love and Good Sense
  • Your Child’s Weight Helping Without Harming

Also, Helping Your Child with Extreme Picky Eating – Katja Rowell

Body Positive Kids Books

Love Your Body

Jessica Sanders & Carol Rossetti.

This beautiful book highlights that all bodies are good bodies, no matter what you look like.

Embrace Your Body – Taryn Brumfitt.

This is a lovely children’s book that celebrates body diversity; it also comes in a very catchy song that you can download and play with your kids. My daughters actually ask for me to play this!

All Bodies Are Good Bodies – Charlotte Barkla & Erica Salcedo.

Bold and beautiful, loud and proud, this is an uplifting book about different body features and types. Through playful rhyme, it promotes the development of body acceptance and celebrates inclusivity and individuality.

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Sage advice from Ellyn Satter:

” A good eater is a competent eater. To raise your child to be a competent eater, do your jobs with feeding, and then let go of it.”

Ellyn Satter, 2008
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Letting go of dieting

If you are have just begun your journey away from dieting culture, here are some books and articles to get you started.



Eating Disorder Resources

Recovering from an eating disorder, or even disordered eating behaviour is possible with the right support.

Covid-19 Update 😷

January 2022 Covid-19 Update

Because of the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and current outbreak, our in-person services are closed until further notice.

However, we are offering telehealth nutrition consultations for both Joanna and Madeleine. 

While this isn't the same as in-person services, we can at least see each other's faces.

We appreciate your understanding and ongoing support.