Product Review – Go Natural Nut Delight Bar

I was excited to sample this new product by Go Natural. This muesli bar that boasts a 4.5 Health Star Rating on the front packet. 

How did it shape up nutritionally for me?

A close up of the packet of Go Natural Nut Delight bar.
There was a muesli bar in there!

Product specifications

Nut Delight Nutrition Panel
(Source: Go Natural)

Health Claims

Gluten Free

Cholesterol Free

Low Sodium

The good stuff

  • This muesli bar measures in at 35g which is nicely portioned for a snack
  • I threw this in my handbag before work and it was still intact at lunch time which was surprising for a bar
  • Made of 70% nuts, this bar offers 24.5g nuts, which contributes towards a daily serve of nuts (30g)
  • High in protein (5.4g/serve) which is important for satiety and controlling blood sugar levels, great for someone who has Diabetes
  • Good source of fibre (2.7g/serve) which will also contribute towards fullness
  • Low in sodium (15mg/serve) making this a suitable snack for anyone with heart disease or high blood pressure


  • It contains three different types of sugar – Glucose, Honey and Brown Rice Syrup. Brown Rice Syrup is heavily processed and has a Glycemic Index (GI) of 98 according to Sydney University GI database, which is much higher than more natural sources of sugar such as honey. Overall sugar per serve is still reasonably low however (4.5g/serve)
  • Added fibre source is chicory root extract, also known as inulin. While this is a natural source of fibre, it is also a fructan (FODMAP), which can be problematic for those sensitive to it (me!)


This bar offered lots in the way of nutrition, with a decent amount of protein and fibre to keep you going until your next meal. Conveniently portioned sized, this bar is low in sugar which can be hard to find in the land of processed bars. It is also Gluten Free so is a suitable option for those with Coeliac Disease or on a Gluten Free diet.

A thumbs up from me!

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