Feeding babies

I don’t always get time to cook, but when I do, I embrace it.

Recently I made a few batches of baby meals for my daughter. Although it’s time consuming, and much more involved then simply choosing from a myriad of tempting flavours of baby food at the supermarket, I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is just something soul cleansing about preparing food from scratch for me. I find it so fantastic to think that babies are born with a untainted pallet and that we get to help them discover new tastes, textures and food experiences.

I have found Annabel Karmel’s recipes a good starting point for purees to start out with and recipes that you can adapt according to what is available seasonally and locally to you. So if you are thinking about making some baby food, do it, get messy and have some fun with it. I know my daughter certainly got involved with the taste testing!

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My version of watercress, potato and zucchini puree



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