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If you’re not dieting, what can you expect from the non-diet approach?

There are many differences when looking at dieting vs non-diet approach. In practice, the non-diet approach is quite different to a traditional weight loss counselling session.

Sessions that focus solely on weight loss would usually involve weighing your body, keeping strict food intake diaries, counting calories and setting out rules of “good” and “bad” foods. Overwhelmingly, the research shows us that this framework is inherently set up to fail long term. In fact most weight loss attempts actually cause weight regain.

Is the non-diet approach still dieting?

Instead, the non-diet approach is much more flexible. We will hold space for you to explore your hunger cues, which differ for everyone. We will discuss diet culture and how it skews our view of health and well-being. You will be introduced to intuitive eating skills while you learn how to listen to your innate hunger and ultimately honour it.

When you truly reach a place of honouring your hunger, deliberate food deprivation can become a thing of the past.


Info-graphic comparing dieting with the non-diet approach.

(Adapted from Fiona Willer, 2016)

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If you’re interested in the science behind why diets don’t work, discover more at Health, Not Diets by Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian (Adv APD) Fiona Willer.

She also produces a fabulous podcast – Unpacking Weight Science.

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