Chocolate, Easter and weight loss

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Easter is a celebration that many people with food and weight concern fear. Thoughts of weight loss may surface, as chocolate is readily available.

Some might worry what sort of food will be on offer, and whether it will derail their healthy eating plan.

After all, how can you resist a Cadbury creme egg if it’s on the table?

How do you model balanced eating to your children if you say no to a Lindt bunny, to not undo all of the “good” eating (restricting) you’ve done all week?

It is a well established fact that restriction doesn’t work. Not only does it not work, it actually causes us to crave food. This is an evolutionary advantage to avoid starvation, so it’s kind of handy.

The angst that comes with food avoidance and not allowing yourself to truly eat, is often more detrimental than just honouring your hunger.

Try something different this Easter, shift the focus from weight loss to healthful enjoyment. A good belly laugh, time with loved ones and some good quality chocolate is far better for your health.

Happy Easter all!


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Madeleine Baumgart

Accredited Nutritionist (AN)
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