Check up: Goals

Hi healthy followers. Can you believe it is March already? I can’t, this year is really flying by. I wanted to check in with you all to see how your year is.

Did you make any new years resolutions or goals for 2014? How are you progressing with them?

Now I am no green thumb, so one of my goals for 2014 was to start a herb and vegetable garden on my balcony. I selected some tomato, basil and mint seeds to start with and purchased a couple of pots and potting mix. Equipped with a guide instructing me on how to grow seeds in small places I felt destined to succeed. For three weeks I watered the seeds every day, also paying attention to the pot location so it was not too exposed to the midday sun. However after only a few weeks I was left with dead sprouts (they started so promising…) and no fresh produce to cook with!

What did I learn?

That even with the best intentions and plans, sometimes things don’t always turn out as we want them too. In fact, this probably happens more often than not.

What would I do differently next time?

Next time I would read the packet with greater detail, and perhaps select seeds specific to the season and growing conditions. Or I could just try again and hope for the best.

My point is I won’t give up, because I want to be able to taste my own tomatoes, and my mindset prevents me from giving up. At several critical points in my life I have wanted to give up on a particular task, but despite this I somehow found the strength the keep trying, because eventually I got there! And the end it is so much more rewarding when there were struggles along the way.


So don’t be despondent or hard on yourself if some (or all) of your goals have not been reached yet. Or if you have fallen off track. We all do. It’s the choice you make next that counts, the decision to keep trying, to push yourself to get to reach your goal. So that when you do, you will be happy that you gave it your all, and enjoy the sweet taste of accomplishment.

Begin to tap into what drives you, your inner strength, or reason for wanting to achieve your goal. It might be as simple as wanting to have more energy everyday. Start imagining now what it will feel like, this will help get you that little bit closer, I promise!

Have a fantastic week, and let me know what keeps you on track with your goals, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by, Madeleine (THG).

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