The best diet for 2019

I started writing this in January, it’s now April. Clearly we are now well in to the year, however I still felt it necessary to share. Pretend it’s January.

Are you ready for the onslaught of diet messages? If I’m honest, I have been hiding away in social media land pretending that if I have a digital detox I can avoid all of the misguided weight-loss messages.

My short pause however, has taught me that avoidance is not a long-term answer. In the short-term it was a form of self-care to protect my energy over this crazy festive period. For long-term? That needs something else.

As a medical professional, I feel I am in a unique position to help my followers to cut through the diet lies. As a Registered Nurse I have a duty of care to help someone in an accident, or someone that is at risk. I can refuse to help someone if there is a legitimate threat to my safety. However, in all of these instances in the past, I have offered help.

The same can be said for my role as a Dietitian/Nutritionist. When people or companies are selling weight-loss, they are inadvertently causing harm to clients. I have a duty of care to assist clients who may want to diet, as there is risk involved. I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt here and assume that weight-loss companies do not intend to cause harm to their customers.

Companies in the health industry are most likely keen to help people. However, without informed consent, and the provision of the stats on those who will regain the weight, it is not informed consent, and therefore false advertising. This is perfect for ensuring repeat customers, based on a flawed system. Not good for your relationship with food.

An empty dinner plate with a frown on a pink background.
(Source: Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash)

What is left then, if dieting is off the table? A whole world of freedom awaits, you will no longer be weighed down by the torment of diet culture. You will have a lot more time in your day to spend on things you actually enjoy doing, rather than calculating how many minutes at the gym will “work off” that diet soft drink or planning your next calorie controlled meal.

Top 3 things to do instead of dieting in 2019

  1. Spend some time working out what you want to achieve this year. What does that look like for you? Is it to have more energy when you get out of bed each day?
  2. Learn a different skill or activity. Adding new things into our daily routine helps build new neural pathways. These new pathways are helpful in making habits stick.
  3. Get to know more about the non-diet approach and what it means to not be following a diet. You might just surprise yourself!

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