Are we already paying tax on ‘junk’ food?

Happy new year healthy followers. It has been some time between posts for me, I have been recharging my batteries with some down time, beach time and plenty of tennis and cricket viewing. There is nothing like Summer sport in Australia! I hope that you have found some time doing to do something that you enjoy over the holiday period. Or maybe you have even started something new? If one of your goals this year is to buy less junk food, you will find this post interesting.

Last year I raised a topic on my Facebook page questioning whether there should be a ‘fat’ tax applied to junk food. Most responses were against it, reasoning that it would not stop people from purchasing it anyway. Did you know that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Australia is already charged when you purchase non basic grocery items, and often convenience or prepared food, which tends to not be as healthy. If you are unsure, check your receipt next time you buy groceries. All items that do attract the GST will have a * next to the item. You will notice that most everyday items are actually GST free, so look for those to reduce the tax you pay on food!

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