5 Nut Free Lunch Box Snacks

A slice of white bread on a blue background, decorated with fruit to make a smiling face

Are you struggling to think of nut free lunch box ideas?

The start of the school year can bring excitement (at the kids going back), and also groans as the realisation of making school lunches 5 days a week sets in.

If there are school allergy policies to adhere to, this can be an added stress, although no where near as stressful as having a child with food allergies. I commend any parent that is in that position! I consider myself lucky that my children (so far) don’t have any food allergies, despite my husband having a couple of allergies.

A slice of white bread on a blue background, decorated with fruit to make a smiling face
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Are you stuck for ideas for an allergy friendly lunch box? Here are some appropriate nut free snack options.

Top 5 Nut Free Lunch Box Ideas

Cacao and coconut bliss balls


  • These delightful little snacks are also vegan and are perfect for little hands to help you roll them.
  • If you can’t be bothered rolling them (like me sometimes), just press the base into a lamington tin and refrigerate, then cut into squares.

Flax, carrot & apple Muffins

Super Healthy Kids

  • These tasty muffins are nice and filling thanks to the addition of flax seeds
  • Bonus in that you can freeze them if you are batch cooking ahead of time

Blueberry pikelets

Healthy Food Guide

  • Easy to cook, can be made dairy free by swapping cow’s milk for plant-based milk
  • Suitable for freezing when wrapped individually

Spelt, sultana & oat slice

My Capsule Kitchen

  • A lovely soft option for little mouths
  • Quick and easy to eat to maximise play time

Nut free Weet Bix slice


  • A family favourite, can be made gluten free by swapping to gluten free weet bix and oats for quinoa flakes
  • Could also add dried apricots or cranberries for more flavour

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