2015 – Your year for health

Welcome to 2015. As we enter into a new year, have you thought about improving your health? Perhaps pondered making different food choices, or simply trying to cook more? Sound familiar?

January is traditionally a time for reflection after the Christmas holiday break and over-indulging. Often weight loss thoughts come to mind. Don’t be tempted to look for a quick fix solution that promises instantaneous results. More often than not, they are just that, a “quick fix”, it will inevitably leave you feeling worse when you return to your regular eating patterns.

If you are contemplating making some changes, think about what you tried last year. What worked? Were there any simple changes that you were able to implement and maintain? Start small to begin with.

Example: if you buy lunch out every day during the week, start preparing it from scratch at home 3 times a week, this way you are in control of what you are putting in your mouth, this also allows for more creativity!

Start the year as you mean to finish, and you might find that at the end of 2015 you feel confident with your efforts, and are motivated heading into the new year!

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Happy new year, thanks for stopping by!

Madeleine (That Healthy Girl)

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