What does a Dietitian eat? Top 10 foods I always have in my house

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People often ask me “Do you eat chocolate?”, and (I’m almost certain) they are surprised when I confirm that, yes of course I do, most days I like to indulge. I once had someone at my house ask for a coffee, then paused and said, “but I doubt you would have any in your house”.

Come on, coffee?!?!

There seems to be such misconception over what an individual should eat (no sugar, Gluten Free, organic grass fed, vegan) and this confusion extends to what people think a Dietitian eats. Simply being a Dietitian I am held to many assumptions about my food choices, and open to public scrutiny.

Today I’d like to shed some light and hopefully insight into a few foods that I always seems to have in my house. Now this list is not suggesting that these are the HEALTHIEST and ONLY foods that I carry, but let’s be realistic, I’m a working Mum on a budget, so these foods get me through!


  1. Mission tortilla strips – these actually taste like a corn chip should: crunchy, slightly salty and enough length on them to dip in to, well, dips!
  2. Full fat Greek or natural yoghurt – I find the rich taste of Greek yoghurt really filling. It’s the perfect accompanying to any fruit.
  3. Dark chocolate – this is my go to treat. I find a couple of squares quite satisfying, and they seem to finish off an evening meal.
  4. Oats – love these in Winter with milk, cinnamon and grated apple. The options are endless. I get the whole oats as they contain more fibre, so if I’m running around after my daughter and miss morning tea, I still have energy. (Not endorsing missing meals, but sometimes this is the reality).
  5. Tomatoes – any type, but loving sun-dried tomatoes at the moment on a baked potato with tuna and natural yoghurt. Really flavoursome. Or grape tomatoes for snacking on their own.
  6. Frozen vegetables – if I’m tired and don’t feel like cooking, these come in very handy. Don’t think that being frozen isn’t as nutritious. There is some vitamin C loss during the freeze/thaw process, but often frozen vegetables have more nutrients than the soggy ones sitting in the bottom of the crisper.
  7. Brie – double or triple cream. This is definitely one of my go to indulgence foods, creamy goodness. I craved this so much while pregnant and actually requested some in hospital after I had given birth. Perfect with crackers or melted on a toasted sandwich.
  8. Full cream milk – a staple. Our whole family drinks full cream milk, my daughter needs to have the full fat rather than a reduced fat due to her age, but my husband and I choose it as it is richer and fuller flavoured. Plus has slightly more fat soluble vitamins (A and D) than reduced fat milk.
  9. Coffee – where would I be without coffee. I really do love it, and yes I do have it in my house :). I do prefer fresh but also drink instant for the convenience and cost factor.
  10. Chia seeds – these little seeds are so handy to through on things, or even make a pudding out of. Great for the kids as well. I toss them on to cereal, yoghurt, into baked goods and even use to thicken and bulk up smoothies.

I hope this list shows you that I do eat regular foods. On reflection I guess I do tend to eat less processed foods as I simply enjoy the taste and feeling I get from eating them.  When I do indulge I make sure it’s on something worthwhile and full of flavour.

Happy weekend all! 

Thanks for stopping by, Madeleine (THG).


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